Welcome to the Fringe

Fringe Investigations is a podcast exploring topics on the fringe of this reality. It is a collaborative effort between investigators and co-hosts: are the Cryptid Guy of Asheville Cryptid Society, Tiny of M&D Paranormal and Cryptid Research, and Slim the "woowoo" kid. We share our experiences and information in an open forum dedicated to those who have a genuine interest in cryptids, paranormal, para-sciences, UFOs, conspiracies, and other unconventional phenomena. Our mission is to not only discuss but to educate and assist those who have had, or may have, experiences in these realms. We are dedicated to professionalism, scientific method, and the legitimacy of our work. We are proudly sponsored by the Asheville Masonic Temple. Find all our episodes on the home page blog with supporting information, links, and evidence or directly from our YouTube channel.

Meet Your Hosts


'Cryptid Guy'


Cryptid Guy (aka Christian MacLeod) is the Director and Lead Investigator of the Asheville Cryptid Society. He has over twenty years of experience investigating cryptid and paranormal activities and has a passion for studying and preserving Native American Tribe culture, folklore, and legends. He also knowledgable on topics such as the occult, UFOs, forbidden archeology, The Freemasons, The Knights Templar, secret societies, and many other governmental cover-up allegations and conspiracy theories. Christian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Criminology from the University of South Florida, as well as a Master’s of Arts and Teaching (MAT) from Western Carolina University and working towards a second Master’s Degree in American History. <CONTACT>




Tiny (aka Daniel Hurst) is the face, co-founder, and Lead Investigator of M&D Paranormal and Cryptid Research. He has had many experiences through his lifetime, both paranormal and cryptid. Many of his skills centered around his childhood homeland of Eastern Tennessee and range from Bigfoot encounters, UFO sightings, and Intelligent hauntings to being attacked twice by forces. He has the extensive history working in the medical field, having over 20 years of experience holding a variety of titles. Much of his experience has focused mainly on mental health and substance abuse while going to school for a degree in criminal justice. <CONTACT>




Slim is a student of the esoteric, in theory and practice, of both traditional and non-traditional modalities. In her most recent study she lived in the forest on a 10-month apprenticeship with Tao and Bönpo masters in rural Colorado. With a B.A. in Philosophy, she continues an extensive self-study of metaphysics and pursues to make connections to current quantum science theories. She hosts leading-edge speakers in mystic arts, alchemy, energy work, healing arts, trans-science, and other subjects at her private venue in the Asheville, NC area. Slim is the Assistant Director and lead field photographer of the Asheville Cryptid Society and also participates as a member of the M&D Paranormal investigation team. <CONTACT>


Fringe Investigations is a group effort made possible by many participating individuals and organizations. Your support is greatly appreciated! 

Asheville Cryptid Society : Cryptoid investigations and educational presentations. 

Cryptid Guy : Our very own Cryptid Guy, investigating the greater Appalachia area and beyond.

M&D Paranormal & Cryptid Research : Your host, Tiny, is the owner and lead investigator.


Asheville Masonic Temple : An event venue located in the heart of downtown Asheville, NC.

Joshua P. Warren's Haunted Asheville & the Asheville Mystery Museum


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